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7 Day Programmable Thermostat
7 Day Programmable Thermostat 7 Day Programmable Thermostat 7 Day Programmable Thermostat 7 Day Programmable Thermostat 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

7 Day Programmable Thermostat

Product ID : HTW-MT08
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--7 days programmable digital thermostat<br />

--Temperature schedule<br />

--Black<br />

--Outdoor humidity display<br />

--FOB Xiamen<br />

Product Description

1.    General

HTW-MT08 smart programmable thermostat allows people to schedule a week set-point temperature not only by thermostat but by smartphone. With this function, people can easily save much energy bills and make air conditioning control easier by this smart heat pump thermostat. Here are some reasons for compressor high pressure protection:

1). The speed of the outdoor fan slows down

Repair method: The fan of the air conditioner is rusted or stuck, which slows down the wind speed. Clean the foreign matter of the air conditioner fan bearing, and at the same time drip some lubricant on the fan shaft to restore the fan speed. In addition, air in the system can also cause it.

2). The outside machine is covered by something

Sundries are placed around the outside of the air conditioner or covered by things, so that the outside of the air conditioner cannot dissipate normally.

Maintenance method: Do not place debris around the outside of the air conditioner, and do not cover the outside.

3). Too much refrigerant

Excessive refrigerant will also cause excessive pressure inside the air conditioner, resulting in high pressure protection of the air conditioner

Repair method: As long as the excess refrigerant is discharged, it can be solved.


2.    Video Description

3.    Specification

 MT08 specification                                           

4.    Two stage heating and cooling thermostat wiring:

2 stage compressor thermostat wiring


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6.    Certifications

certificate of  smart digital thermostat


7.    Our company

hotowell profile


Hotowell International Co., Limited company specializes in heating, cooling and central air conditioning system controls and parts, and now is one of the leading suppliers in the HVAC industry. Developing, producing and designing user-friendly HVAC products on the highest technical level are our top objective. Hotowell attaches importance to meet requirements of the latest technical standard to supply products that keep up with market requirements for you. In this process we pay high attention on complying with quality and safety standards and thus ensure a long service life for our products. All of our products can meet requirements of CE, RoHS standard, and currently CE certificate is available, for other certificate, we can help you to apply.


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8.    FAQs

Q: What brand of fan coil unit that your thermostat work with?

A: Our thermostats work with FCU brands like TRANE, Cairrier, York, Darkin, etc.


Q. Can you customize for clients?

A: Yes, we can customize as your need, we have R&D department, our designers can make design for you and our technicians make prototype.


Q: Do you have after-sale service?

A: Yes, Good after-sale service, handling the customer complaint and solve problem for customers.



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