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Thermostat Controller Alexa
Thermostat Controller Alexa Thermostat Controller Alexa Thermostat Controller Alexa Thermostat Controller Alexa Thermostat Controller Alexa

Thermostat Controller Alexa

Product ID : HTW-WF02-FC
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Thermostat Controller Timing Error: <1%

Storage Temp.: -5 ~ 45℃

Installation Box: EU or Standard Electric Box

Operating Buttons: Capacitive Touch Buttons

Protection Class: IP20

Material: PC +ABS (Fireproof)

Product Description


Alexa control thermostats with remote sensors detect the current temperature through their sensors and send it directly to your thermostats so they can increase or decrease the temperature based on the information received. A remote sensor is used to send temperature information to the thermostat, which can adjust heating and cooling based on the information received. An app-based portal will also appear, allowing remote control of the remote controls for your thermostat. As soon as you make a change, the remote portal displays the changes in real-time, as well as all the changes you have made.

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The main difference between a programmable and smart thermostat is in the amount of work that thermostat does for you. Programmable thermostats will provide you right room temperature but there is no guarantee that it will be the same in every room in your house. On the other hand, smart thermostats also follow the setup you made but the sensor will detect the temperature in each room and make sure it stays exactly the same.



Typical Wiring Diagram

Wifi Enabled Smart Thermostat




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Hotowell is a professional manufacturer of thermostats, actuators, valves, sensors, and thermometers. After several years of hard work, we are now rapidly expanding our business in countries around the world through our partners' OEM projects. Being sensitive to the market, our R&D department spends a lot of time designing elegant appearance and powerful products. High quality is always the foundation of the product. All our products have been certified by authorized testing laboratories before the sale. During production quality control and final quality control, our products meet the required safety standards before each delivery. "Provide customers with trouble-free service" is our aim. We will be your reliable partner. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Q: How would you ship my order?

A: For small orders, we usually send them by express delivery. DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. Others will be delivered by sea or air.


Q: Does this thermostat come with a sensor or should I buy it separately?

A: All thermostats are supplied with a suitable sensor. In addition, we can offer just a thermostat or just a sensor if you need it.


Q: How can I pay for my purchase?

A: We accept the following payment methods: Credit card; Money Booker; T / T; Western Union.

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