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Mechanical Room Thermostat
Mechanical Room Thermostat Mechanical Room Thermostat Mechanical Room Thermostat Mechanical Room Thermostat Mechanical Room Thermostat

Mechanical Room Thermostat

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LED indicator is light when heating is on

With manual switch and knob for easy operation

On/off control output for the heating device

Setback function when connecting with a programmable timer

Temperature limitation function for protecting the floor

Product Description

General of Mechanical Room Thermostat

Once you have set the temperature, the mechanical thermostat switches the heating and cooling units on and off to keep the room more or less warm. This is done by switching the heating or cooling unit on or off and regulating the flow of heat transfer fluid as required to maintain the correct temperature. This may sound complicated, but you can set your desired temperature as you need it, and the mechanical components do the rest. In other words, if you heat or cool the device, it will do so automatically as long as it is kept at the right temperatures.

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Features of Traditional Thermostat

The present invention is also an electromechanical thermostat that has the ability to reduce or eliminate most of its suspension by electromechanical means. In one form or another, the electrical contacts controlling the heating and cooling sources work directly. The circuit of an electronic thermostat, constructed on a basic convector, is no more complicated than that of a mechanical thermostat. By combining electrical and mechanical components such as electric motor, heat exchanger, and power supply, it usually offers rudimentary functions such as programmable setbacks for temperature control and a temperature sensor.


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