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Hvac Wifi Thermostat
Hvac Wifi Thermostat Hvac Wifi Thermostat Hvac Wifi Thermostat Hvac Wifi Thermostat Hvac Wifi Thermostat

Hvac Wifi Thermostat

Product ID : HTW-EB-FC
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>>110-240VAC, 50/60Hz

>>Heating/cooling, 2/4 pipe system;

>>Control Fan Coil Unit and Two wired Heat and Cool Motorized valve

>>Negative black backlight

>>Wifi Connection

Product Description

1. Product Description

This new thermostat is suitable for the fan-coil system. It has a port to control a three-speed fan. At the same time, it can control a 2-pipe or 4-pipe FCU. It can expand functions such as room card, window card, and analog (0-10V) Output, MODBUS control, etc.


2. Product Video

Wi-Fi thermostat is also called "wireless thermostat", which is similar to a smart thermostat because it can be easily controlled by smartphone, tablet, or computer. Programmable functions can save you money, and you can remotely control it from your smartphone.

3. Features

Wi-Fi remote control function, you can use your mobile phone to control the house temperature from anywhere.

The large LCD screen has a backlight display and dual temperature display modes.

You can also use the buttons on the thermostat to set different working modes.

Using high-reliability single-chip microcomputer, strong anti-interference ability.

Programmable temperature setting for 6 periods a day.

Internal and external temperature sensors are available.


4. Applications

HOTOWELL HVAC terminal intelligent controller selects high-quality hardware, adopts unique terminal large temperature difference control technology, and human body comfortable intelligent control technology. It is suitable for large public buildings such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, commercial buildings, and other large public buildings that have energy-saving and adjustment needs. FCU, DX FCU, VAV systems, etc. have been installed, and the energy-saving rate of 20%~40% for terminal fans and 5~10% for central air conditioning rooms.

EB-FC wiring

5. Certifications

smart ac thermostat certificate

6. Our Company

HOTOWELL is not only an export company, but also a professional manufacturer of thermostats and accessories for heating systems and HVAC systems in China. Through special training of employees, substantial investment in production facilities and research and development, and a wide range of products, we advocate the basic principles of "technical innovation, honesty and trustworthiness and quality first", and strive to develop into a world-class electrical product. As a dynamic and creative company, we will provide comprehensive solutions for heating, ventilation and central air conditioning through design, development, manufacturing, service and warranty. Our company focuses on three main aspects of modern market demand: design, manufacturing and service.

ac smart thermostat  company

7. FAQ

Q: Can you produce thermostats as per our requirements?

A: Yes, OEM is available. We have a professional team to do customized service.

Q: What is your MOQ? Can I mix different thermostat models to start order? 

A: Our MOQ is 300 pcs. Yes, you can fix different models to start order.

Q: Visiting a factory is allowed or not?

A: Yes, we welcome customers visiting our factory.

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